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Educational for kids

Under the high chair says "A World of Cake by Krystina Castella — it's beautiful and very educational for the kids... a cake for every country in the world! ..."


Chocolate Battenberg cake

Runs with spatulas says "Now, this isn't exactly your typical cake cookbook. Instead of solely focusing on cakes most Americans are used to, she goes around the globe searching for famous and traditional cakes from other countries such as Tamale Corn Cakes from Guatemala, Dobos Torte from Hungary, Groundnut Cake from Uganda, and Mooncakes from China. She doesn't merely present these cakes, but she also gives the history behind them and shows how certain cakes are related and how they all evolved from one base cake." For full review click here.

Chocolate Battenberg Cake

Maple Walnut Tourlouche and Giveaway

"This is one cookbook I simply can not put down! I had a huge list of the recipes I wanted to feature , I finally decided on the Maple Walnut Tourloche. This cake is a Canadian cake and basically an upside down cake. There’s a layer of maple syrup and walnuts on the bottom on the pan that soaks into the spice cake and makes for an incredibly flavorful cake. I couldn’t stop sneaking bites of the Maple Walnut Tourlouche and kept snacking on the maple flavored walnuts. Although  I really wanted to take the whole cake and hide in the corner. "  For full review, recipe and give away click here.

Maple Walnut Tourlouche

Liv Life-King cake

"Filled with a luscious, lemon enhanced cream cheese layer this yeast cake is then topped with a sweet/tart lemon icing and decorated in bright Mardi Gras colored sugars for a brilliant presentation.  The directions were clear and easy to follow, providing us with a wonderful treat." For full recipe, review and give away click here.


Review from Manila

Dessert comes first from Manila Phillipines says "This book could be considered a history book, but oh, if only all history books could be as stimulating!  Every chapter is imaginatively rendered with a surfeit of photos – gorgeous photos – that beguile and set mouth watering ...Needless to say, I revel in the South East Asia chapter where there’s more than a brief mention of Philippine cakes and surprise, even a recipe for Ube Cake (yes, it’s really called that, and not the more benign Taro Cake)."  For full review click here.


King cake and giveaway!

Sweet Pea's kitchen says "This book is full of 150 drool worthy recipes, from Rum Cake, Black Forest Cake, Moon Cakes, to Funnel Cakes.  Author Krystina Castella takes the reader on a culinary journey around the world. Each recipe comes with a background on the history and region of the cake and variations on how to create your cake. There are even cake family trees that show how they evolved and relate to each other! I am so excited to try more recipes from this book. If the King Cake is any indication-I won’t be disappointed!"  For full review and recipe click here.


Tres Leches Cupcakes

Cake Dutchess says "I received a copy of A World of Cake by Krystina Castella last week. I can’t stop looking at it and dreaming of which cake I want to try. It’s gorgeous! I decided to try first the Tres Leches recipe. I made a cake. It disappeared in 10 minutes. The next day, I made cupcakes. If you never had Tres Leches, you must try it. The cake is sweet and milky drenched in the three milks. I made a quick whipped topping to spread on top. I had to put on a cherry just the way I see it every week at our grocery store.  My son Luca had 2 big slices. He kept saying, “I love it Mommy! I love it!”  For full review click here.

Tres leches cupcakes

King makers: Bakers reimagine the famous Mardi Gras cake

The Washington Post bakes the king cake and says "cookbook author Krystina Castella clearly is bound by no tradition in her version of the Mardi Gras staple. Her braided king cake is laced with a cream-cheese filling in each of the three dough rolls. Even more interesting, her icing is spiked with a half-cup of lemon juice, which provides plenty of pucker to help offset the sugar overload that is surely waiting at the end of this cake". For full article click here.

Sweets by sillianah makes a king cake

"A World of Cake is a beautiful book showcasing traditional cakes and pastries from all over the globe, many of which are new to me.  Upon receiving the book in the mail, I opened the package and was immediately mesmerized by the colorful photos of cakes on the cover. I could have stared at the cover for hours, but quickly remembered there were 150 recipes inside for me to peruse... when I turned the pages, I was surprised to find so much information! Not only are there recipes, but the author also includes lots of details and tidbits about the history, culture and traditions associated with each cake! It is laid out in a way that the facts compliment the recipe" - For full review and King cake recipe click here.

King cake

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake – Feng Li Su

I love seeing writers blog about the book in other languages. Check these pineapple cakes out on a creation of love and joy!


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